Marco V. Magic
Houston Magician

Houston's premier magical entertainer to make any event extraordinary...

Marco is a gifted magician that dazzles audiences across Houston daily with his unique blend of sleight-of-hand, psychology, and charm. His personal style of interactive performance will keep your guests engaged, astonished, and entertained every time. Bring the party together with the shared experience of live entertainment, book Marco today!

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"Magic is the gift we teach ourselves to give to others."​

Find out more about Marco’s fascination and history with magic, and discover what makes someone pursue the art of presenting the impossible.


Marco corporate Performance

Corporate events

Marco can infuse your next corporate meeting in Houston with magic and mentalism tailored to your company message!
Marco private party performance

Private Parties

Let Marco entertain and amaze your guests at your next party in Houston!
Marco Magic Parlor Performance

Parlor Performances

Marco’s professional parlor magic show fits in any living room and captivates up to 50 guests with a seamless blend of magic and mentalism.
Marco Magic Strolling Performance

Strolling Performance

Book Marco’s close-up strolling magic for your next event in Houston. He’ll mingle, make guests feel welcome, and astonish them!
Charity Biker Event

Charity & Fundraiser Shows

Elevate your fundraiser and amaze your donors by having Marco perform at your next Houston charity event!
virtual performance

Virtual Performances

You don't have to be in the same city to experience captivating magic. Marco's remote show can entertain anyone anywhere!

The Value of Magic

Marco believes that the value of magic as a performance art and entertainment comes in its ability to stimulate curiosity, fascination, astonishment, and wonder in the people that experience it. These feelings can often be the driving forces of creativity, inspiration, and motivation. 

When we see the impossible, we re-evaluate what is possible. That’s when we discover new possibilities and ways to make them into new realities…

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