About Marco

What makes a person pursue the art of the impossible?

Marco’s magic journey began during his global travels with his family as a child. He would often see street performers in cities around the world use magic to transcend language barriers and share wonder and joy with people of all ages from all walks of life. This fascination evolved into a passionate commitment to learning and mastering the art of performing magic. 

Later in life, Marco would be drawn to study Psychology which revealed the subjective nature of reality as a blend of an individual’s sensations and perceptions. These elements formed the foundation of his love for mentalism, where communication and understanding of the human mind converge to create the appearance of incredible mental abilities.

What sets Marco apart is his unique engagement with people. Beyond being a skilled magician, he aims to stimulate curiosity, fuel imagination, challenge reality, and possibly even alter perceptions. Tailoring performances to clients’ events and themes, he transcends the label of “just another magician.” With a repertoire blending his own style and classic influences, Marco’s performances are always catered to your event and your venue. As an active member of esteemed magical associations, he continuously hones his craft through collaboration, conventions, and drawing inspiration from the world.

Creation & Consultation

For fellow performers seeking to elevate their own material, Marco offers a variety of professional services including: 

  • Original effect design 
  • Scripting services
  • Personalized props
  • Character refinement
  • Acting workshops
  • Marketing and branding overhaul


Please disregard this section unless otherwise directed toward these proofs…

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4) Egypt